Sinapi Seed by SoBook

Sinapi Seed by SoBook

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Auteur Franck Jourdain

Publication 31/05/2024 - Grain de Sinapi S.A.S.
ISBN : 9782957594252   ref 1395
122 pages - Format 148x210mm - N&B
“The serpent was the most cunning of all the animals of the fields that Yahweh God had made. It said to the woman: ‘So, God has said: You will not eat of all the trees in the garden?’”
Genesis 3:1

How well do we really know this verse, and have we fully understood what it tells us?
Do we really know the nature of all the actors in this scene, as well as the very nature of what is denounced in this passage?
Are we sure we ultimately comprehend the message that this verse is attempting to communicate to us, a message too quickly relegated to Judeo-Christian myths?

Isn’t there something here that we should urgently consider, in this singular moment of our history that seems so decisive in view of the multiple tensions our Earth is experiencing, culturally as well as naturally?
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Franck Jourdain

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Grain de Sinapi S.A.S.

Les éditions « Grain de Sinapi S.A.S. » ont été créées en septembre 2020. La ligne éditoriale de la société se concentre sur des thèmes de réflexion (essais) sur des aspects religieux et éthiques, sur ce qui conditionne durablement les cultures et les relations humaines et qui finalement a des impacts sociaux et environnementaux. Les champs d’analyse peuvent embrasser tous les champs du savoir et développer aussi bien des sujets exégétiques, anthropologiques, sociologiques, psychologiques, économiques ou encore s’inspirer de sujets de science fondamentale (physique, génétique…).